When something is made with love, you can taste it, smell it, and in our case especially, SEE it. The fact is: We love television and that’s why we put a lot of heart and soul into every one of our formats. Is that tiring? No – because we know what we’re doing.

Who are WE? B.vision Media – and you can take our name literally: Our VISION is to get commercial and public-service television out of their boxes/pigeonholes and to not only recognise a broadcaster’s profile, but also to boldly and innovatively expand their already spectrum of programming.

From meaty material to lighter fare, from political talk shows to infotainment – we tackle the task with all our might; because our hands are predestined to create your program! Off-the-rack? No way – our creations are made to measure. So if you want a format to “fit” properly, then we’re “your man”.

Since January 2018, “our little gang” is a company of its own, a proud part of the Studio Hamburg Produktion Group. Because we’re still so young, we may not have wrinkles yet, but we do have plenty of character – and, above all, we’re not afraid of a challenge.

But you know what? Let’s just get to know each other.
We’re even better in person!


B.vision Media develops and produces non-fiction programs with a focus on political and infotainment formats to bridge the gap between documentary soap and documentation. The results are formats, which are discussed and which all have one thing in common: relevance.

Our Partners:

  • Doclights
  • Riverside




Press service

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